Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

Joining in to celebrate five things
that are currently making me happy!
We had snow!! 
Just a little less than an inch...but enough to run and play in.
Just enough to close work for the day.
To enjoy pj-lounging and crochet and hot chocolate.

Three blankets.  So close to finishing them.
Have I ever told you how much I love granny square blankets?

Art Journaling...  something I have done since High School. 
I have spent many hours this week just doodling and thinking
and remembering and dreaming.
Such a great way for me to pass a few hours!

Saw this idea on Pinterest... 
2 copies of a few favorite blanket, 2 pillar candles,
some Modge Podge and voila...

Getting to spend an afternoon with this one...
Just me and him.
No distractions, except for the ducks! 

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Nanny McPhee Ta-Dah!!

Well here it is in all its glory!
My Nanny McPhee blanket is finished at last!

I love it.  And I love that it is going off to live in
 Alex's dorm room.  It makes me so happy to know
that for the next few months (until Spring) it will be
keeping my baby boy warm.

I was going to do a fancy-smanchy stripey border,
but after two rows, I decided it was all too much
So just round and round until I was almost completely out of yarn.

Someone was feeling a bit left out...

Moss Green, Gold, Pumpkin, Plum, Pistachio,
Forest Heather, Autumn Red, Wheat, Peacock
I think I used 20 different colors, but some only made an appearance a couple of times. 
This turned out to be a great stash-busting blanket.

150 - 4 round granny squares

This is what I found as I was getting ready to leave for work.  I kept calling her name but she wouldn't come...Apparently this blanket has magical sleep powers!

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Sunlit Sunday #2 (a little late!)

Isn't this a beautiful sight? 

I am not sure why this is happening at the beginning of February...daffodils and hyacinths!

but it inspired this

which will soon be filled with dirt and seeds and
 hopefully new beginnings of spring flowers!

I love my sunny front door. 
I try to always have something happy hanging up to greet friends...

Not Sunlit...fairy-lit.  It looks like the fairy lights
will be hanging around for a little longer. 
I am still enjoying their soft light in the early morning!

Her Winter Solstice stick and snowflakes still hanging up...
always make me happy to see!

Happy Sunlit Sunday! 
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