Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Garden

I didn't really mean to start another blanket. I promise! 
One warm and breezy afternoon, I was piddling around the yard
pulling weeds, watering, fertilizing,
minding my own business, surrounded by this...

and all of this...

(I love my little cracked pots.)

and this...



And all of the sudden, I have my hook and yarn 
and three-round granny squares are flying off my hook
 into a little basket.
I must say I am enjoying myself tremendously...


This is my progress after only a week...

It is a surprisingly quick make,


This is why I don't try to take pictures when he is around!

It is a color overload
But I know this winter it will brighten
up all those cold, gray days.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yarn Bombing for a Cause...

The Grange Range Charity Yarn Bombing
I am helping (along with lots and lots of other people)
with a Special Project for the month of July.

Click on over and see if you can help.