Monday, December 16, 2013

Chloe's Blanket

I asked my rainbow lovin', sunset chasin', bug catchin', twirling princess
what her favorite colors were and she said all of them.
So all of them it is!  83 rippley row of color!

I love the easy crochet ripple pattern. Nothing complicated.  Nothing to fancy. 
My blankets tend to be used for tent making and wrestling with the dogs
(I'm looking at you Bray!)

I love how this turned out.  Fits a twin bed perfectly with plenty left over on the sides to wrap herself up in.  She is a terrible baby to sleep with. She is moving and tossing and turning all.night.long!!

I still think that the border is the best part.  Halfway through, I always feel like I am making it too big, putting too many rows on.  But I can't help myself!!  I love a good, thick border.  I love the way it frames the work perfectly!

I know that she won't appreciate it now...but I hope some of these blankets survive and one day
(a long, long time from now) she is wrapping up her babies and remembering how much
her Nene  loves her!!

And as always...I think this may be my favorite one!

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