Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Joining in with Ginny and Chrissie  Tami and Crochet Addict UK

I finally finished up my Kaleidoscope blanket.
 This was another project I started around Christmas,
 my go to when I needed simple stitching.
I love working on granny stripes, they work up so fast 
and satisfy my need for lots of color with out all the tedious weaving in!

11 repeats of 9 colors...these bright, sunshiney colors.
They are always in my basket of yarn.
  I randomly grabbed a few and got started.

Random border:  hdc, single, double, single, hdc, picot edging.

Spread all the happy, stripey stripes!

Love it!!

I started on a Spring picnic blanket.
(The first one i made ended up being used for her baby dolls.)

very simple squares, repeated over and over and over.
I love the simplicity.

I love seeing neat little stacks of such pretty colors.
Spring has just got to be on its way!


  "Untying the Knot" by Linda Gillard:

"Mistakes once made are rarely reversible. The holes they leave in the fabric of life aren’t tiny and they can’t be scratched away. You have to live with them as best you can. Work round them. That’s why you have to come to terms with memory. You can’t obliterate the past or eradicate it from the mind, even when, for our own good, memory enfolds us in a blanket of forgetfulness. There are always traces left, marks where time gripped us and left its telltale fingerprint."


  1. Hi your blanket and square are so pretty, bright and cheery! I saw it at Ginnys party.
    Julie @ Julie's Lifestyle

  2. Your squares are beautiful! Is there a pattern for them? If so I would love to get it.

  3. Well I really hope your lovely squares bring on Spring - we could all sure use it couldn't we?
    Great job on the granny stripe: did you mean you started it after the Christmas we just had? I'm totally impressed if you did - my blanket creation time seems to last around 12 months!

    Have a great day!

    Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld

    1. Thank you! I started it about 2 weeks before Christmas. I had the last 3 weeks of December off and was caught up on wrapping and baking. I allowed myself A LOT of crochet time. Granny stripes just seem to work up so much quicker than anything else.

  4. Stunning striped blanket, the border was really effective. The squares sum up the colour of spring.

  5. Gosh you are brave, I hardly ever go from one blanket to the next, I am in awe. I have to do some tiny quick things in between because I am so impatient. I think your blanket is fabulous. Jo x

  6. Wow, what beautiful blankets, in the prettiest colours! The stripes look just wonderful, the edging is perfect - a real treasure! And I'm loving your little squares in candy colours...Chrissie x

  7. Beautiful happy colors in both projects! The striped blankie looks perfect with your retro lawn chairs. Seeing that vignette makes me dream of a sunny afternoon outside, blanket on lap, book in hand, iced tea at the ready. Wishign you a great day.

    1. You are always so kind. Spring can not get here soon enough!

  8. Love those beautiful words at the end are they your own? Your blanket is wonderful bravo for starting another

    1. I wish they were...the are from the book "Untying the Knot" by Linda Gillard. Thanks for stopping by!