Friday, June 6, 2014

A Sweet Baby Blanket

I work around a lot of guys. 
Guys who can work on and fix just about anything.  
And just in case you didn't know,
guys are completely different from us. 
A recent conversation with a work guy went something like this:
Guy:  "Hey, do you still make those yarn blankets?"
Me:  smiling "I do."
Guy:  "I need one."
Me:  "Sure...what color(s) do you want." 
Guy:  "Its for a baby."
Me:  "Boy or girl"
Guy:  "She's a girl"
Me:  "What color is the Mother using?"
Guy:  "Don't know"
Me:  "Is she registered anywhere?"
Guy:  "Don't know"
I almost start laughing, because how can you NOT know? 
Me:  "What color do you want?"
Guy:  "Whatever color you think she would like."
Me:  thinking...Oh mean the lady I don't know? 
whatever color she would like?
Me:  "When do you need it?"
Guy  "Two weeks."
 Good enough. 
So armed with "she's a girl" and "baby blanket"
this is what I came up with....

Color:  Light Dusty Rose

Hook size:  4

HDC, join as you go Grannies

I hope whoever she is, she liked it. 
I need to ask him, but I bet he won't know!

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  1. Wow! A whole blanket for someone you don't know in 2 weeks?!? You must be a saint. ;-)

    I'm sure she will love it. It's beautiful.

  2. LOL! I work with lots of men, too, and the exchange you recounted is classic.

    Beautiful blanket, lucky mom and baby. And hopefully a very appreciative coworker!

  3. Ohhhh so sweet! I had these growing up from family members and have tried learning to crochet, but can only do a few basic stitches... maybe my new baby girl can have a giant granny square made by me! :)

  4. Oh Robbie! the story is so funny!! The blanket however is so lovely and it is really nice too that the man thought of getting a baby blanket, as although he didn't know the answers, he obviously cares lots to commission a special blanket! I am sure that the Mom and baby will love it. xx

  5. Love the blanket and the dialogue.

  6. Great choice! Granny square blankets are one of my favorites.

  7. Wow 2 weeks - that's so impressive and I laughed out loud at that exchange...seriously men!

  8. Beautiful blanket - and in two weeks - that's amazing!

  9. Beautiful blanket!!

    I love the way you've reversed the colour ways.