Friday, August 23, 2013

The Bamboo Forest

We decided to go ahead and try to get a few miles in today.  Even though the sky looked liked it would bust open at any moment.

Photo  Photo
They just got this finished this week.  With all this rain we have had this year,
can't wait to see water flowing over all these rocks.

I usually turn around here...but today, I decided to keep on going......

(By this point...Alex had already run back to the car.)
 I walked on in the rain...


and was rewarded by this.....

and this.....

I did not know that bamboo smelled so sweet! 
It was so thick in here the temperature dropped by 10 degrees at least.

a little stream off to the side...right past the biggest cobweb that I didn't see, only felt!



Came out on the other is now pouring down rain!! 
I am running back to the car with my camera under my shirt. 

Safe back at home!!
Only walked about 2 miles, but it was so nice!!

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