Thursday, August 29, 2013

Its a butterfly, Mom. Get over it!

The title pretty much says it all...I found out a few things during our walk yesterday:

Alex can be very snarky!! (in a good way!)
Moms that bring cameras on walks are lame! 
(Moms who stop every couple of seconds to try and get a picture of the butterfly
that was following us are ridiculous.  So bad in fact, that teenage boys will not wait on them...apparently can't even be seen with/near them.)
Never did catch the butterfly.

Alex only walked with me the first 2 miles and delcared he was done.
The last two were by myself. I stopped way too much to try and get many things to see. 
Dappled sunligh is my favorite!
It has to be said...I LOVE clouds!!



I love this time of year! Cool breezes, the whitest, puffiest clouds I have ever seen. 
Still hot, but not too hot. 

Leaves so subtly beginning to change...

I love this walk.  4 miles round trip.  So many pretty things to see.

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