Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm also a knitter

I learned to knit about 6 years ago.  It took me forever to figure out how to cast on and make sure I had plenty of yarn for the foundation.  SO many projects were started only to have to ripped out because I didn't have enough of a "tail".  That doesn't happen much anymore!  I always come back to knitting, usually in the fall/winter, when things slow down a bit.  I love the slower rhythm of knitting.  The pull of the yarn, the weight of the project (mostly blankets for me) the clicking of the needles.  Makes me want to get them out right now!
Feather and Fan Stitch with fun fur...


Glad I learned to do this, but my gosh!!  TIME CONSUMING!!


Lily Sugar and Cream.  I will never use another store bought cloth again.  I have made literally hundred of these.  I love them!

"Memory" blanket...
This is made from all the scraps of yarn that I have left over.  Chloe's first blanket and sweater dress, Alex's Ben 10 blanket, Lindsay Christmas present, Prissy's blanket.  When I am sick, this is my go to blanket.  Lot's of wool scraps mixed in.  So it is very warm.  I actually found another skein of the varigated rainbow yarn. It is now being crocheted into two different blankets.

These are all the blankets that I have kept for us:

Top to Bottom:                                            Top to Bottom:
Bray                                                              Me - First Cabled Blanket
Bray - His first baby blanket                        Chloe
Bray                                                              Chloe - the first blanket I ever made!!
Me - stash buster!                                         Alex
Me                                                                Chloe  -  if I ever get it done

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