Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Bit of a Catch Up!

A gray rainy day today! 
As I look out of my window it is literally raining leaves. 
 My favorite trees are yellow and brown and half naked!
I have had a busy few weeks around here...
Unexpected changes at work mean that I have gone
from part time to full time +
Great for the checking account...
sad for the creative "me" time that I need and am missing.
We took our last trip of the summer to the Falls:

He turned 20!
A girls trip to the beach...always a good idea!
(what happens in Panama City...stays in Panama City! :) )
Visiting the street fair for the last time this year. 
Sad that another summer has come to end,
but glad I don't have to buy the $6.00 Snow Cones until next year!
(I promise she has more clothes...but this shirt has a pug with a pink glittery mustache...
she wears it every time she comes over to the house.)

Noticing the first signs of Fall...

I turned 45!

A week away with my family at Universal Studios...
a trip that was  planned for and anticipated for over a year.
Should a 45 year old get so excited about "Harry Potter"? 
I think I smiled every minute we were there

Getting to spend time with these two. 
We only have one he decided that the broom
was just as good. 

I am sure you know what happens next...his face says it all. 
She was not amused!
Foggy mornings heading out to work

Gorgeous sunsets coming home

I love this time of year...
the morning light fills the whole room
Butterflies on red berried bushes...

Maple trees against bright blue skies...

Looking out of my window as I finish this post and seeing this...


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you find a way to create and work now that your time is squeezed.

  2. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful cake you had. You are never too old to get excited about any sort of birthday day out or treat by the way!! xx