Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Great Big Rainbow

My new favorite....

From the beginning this has been a big, happy blanket that I have loved working on.  Every time I look at it I smile.

Queen size...I think she is the biggest one that I have made.


I started this the last Sunday of July and finished the first week of September.  5 weeks of happy hooking for me.  I made my foundation row and was 7 color changes (14 rows in) when I realized I had made my foundation row too tight!  AAARRRGGGHHH!!  If I had read through the directions, I would have known to go up a needle size to avoid this.  But since I have to do everything the hard way....

So I gave the 14 rows  to Bray to play with while I started again. He's a funny little man....loves yarn!! 240 chains.  Counted twice to make sure and I was off and hooking again. This time with a bigger needle!
 Once I got going, this took shape in no time at all. 

For the border, white, and whatever color of the rainbow was next in line. 
 Final 7 rows, single crochet in my rainbow colors
Loved the repetition. Could watch the kids play, help Alex with his homework, watch TV, whatever, and never missed a stitch! Worked the ends in as I went (for the most part!!)

Luckily, I have an awesome husband who doesn't mind the fact that our bedroom in turning into the brightest colored room in the house!  Pillows and blankets and pictures and yarn wreaths and felted flowers, oh my!!



18 colors!  2 skeins each. 
Found the perfect pillow to match...paisely sunshine

Total happiness here!!

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