Friday, October 4, 2013


She started out as a way to use up more yarn than I had room for.  Literally, I had yarn in boxes sitting on top of everything!  It turned into a big, bright, beautiful blanket that has already been used for picnics and some "reading in the swing" time.

Love how soft and "drapey" this yarn works up...

I started working on it last October after my surgery. A quite, simple pattern to help in recovery. Once I was up and going again, I put it away for a few months.  Picked it back up in June and completed it in July

117 four round granny squares. I used Lucy's join-as-you-go method

I didn't keep up with the yarns I used, there were soooo many!! Different weights and types.  All leftovers from many other projects. 

I loved the border on this one. So many possibilities! I thought at first I would just do a plain solid border. But it just didn't go with the blanket. It needed to be big and busy just like the squares were
I borrowed several rows from all over blogland and combined them until I thought it looked finished.


   She lives in the living room, draped over a chair.
  I love walking by and catching a glimpse of her sitting there.


I am very happy with how she turned out. 
As usual, I think this is my new favorite!

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