Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A froggin we will go

Joining in with Tami for her Wednesday WIP and Ginny for her Yarn Along.

So, I started a scrap afghan about two years ago...
I  had forgotten all about it until I found it last weekend. 
I started working on this soon after learning to crochet and 
if you look closely you can see A.LOT. of missed stitches and mistakes. 
I mixed different weights of yarn as well which is not a good idea. 
Some squares are a lot more defined then the others. 
I  don't know what I was thinking but I don't like it. 
I have started frogging all the squares and re-using some of the colors...
Here are some of the squares now...  I like this one so much better. 
And this is for Skylar Kathryn. 
She will be joining us sometime in May.  I can't wait.
Her mom is a friend of mine who loves bright colors like me...
no pastels for this little girl.
Currently Reading: 

Oh my...what a story.  I don't know why I do this to myself. 
It first caught my attention when I heard Judi Dench was playing
the part of a mother searching for her son.  The book focuses more 
on the son searching for his mother.  I am only a couple of chapters in,
but I am finding it hard to put down.   


  1. Your baby blanket is lovely, I hope that it is well used and loved for many many years! Sorry to hear that you don't like your other blanket, it is good that you are making use of it though and that you are more in love this time around, it was probably good practice at the time that you were learning!! xx

  2. I too am frogging a lot at the moment but for different reasons! Love your wee blanket. :)

  3. I love the bright pops of colour against the white background and that surely is one very lovely baby blanket. Sarah xo

  4. I love bright colors too! The one for Skylar is beautiful; she'll love it even when she's older.