Thursday, March 13, 2014

Seaside Shawl or Is Winter ever going to end?

Spring came our way for a couple of days.  I didn't know if I was going to get much
wear out of my Seaside Shawl. But, winter has come back for a short stay, so yay! 
 The shawl is getting worn on cold mornings. 
Pattern from Solstrikke.  (She has such a lovely blog with great tutorials.)
 I love it.  I love the colors, the drape, the size,
 the way it wraps around a big yarny hug! 
Red Heart Boutique in Tidal again...same as my infinity scarf.
I am currently working on a Maybelle Flower garland in all my favorite Spring colors! 


Wild about Yarn has a "Motif Monday"  Every Monday she posts a new pattern
that she has created.  These are two of the doily patterns from her site.
There is a flower pattern and another doily that I haven't tried yet but will soon.. 

I love these quick, easy projects.  (Almost) Instant gratification.
And yarn wreaths....I know they were popular like 5 years ago.  But I still love them. 
They are so much fun to create...even though I always burn myself with the hot glue gun. 
I change mine out on my front door every month or so with the seasons.
I had a neighbor stop by and ask me to make her one.  She said it looks like a great, big hello. 
Yes!  That is exactly what I wanted. 

And finally...maybe one of favorite mandala's from Wink...Issue 14 of Simply Crochet. 
(I am having a hard time blocking it correctly.  It should be a circle,
 but for some reason mine is  turning out lopsided!)
I love the open-ness.  Her patterns and pictures are always so easy to follow. 
Linking up with these two very talented ladies Chrissie and Nicole this week. 


  1. All of your things are so pretty. I really like the colours that you used in your shawl, and everything else looks so lovely too. You have been very busy! xx

  2. I love all of your crochet things! Your shawl is beautiful, love the blues. Your wreath is beautiful! I love the mandala, and I admire Wink's work as well...she has always written really good tutorials :)

  3. Pretty crochet overload!!! Too many gorgeous yarny things to look at here! Gosh, that shawl, it is stunning, dare I say I'd hope for more chilly mornings to keep wearing it? ;-) I'm making that same mandala this weekend for my Crochet Clinic this Monday, so I'll let you know how I get on with blocking it - I was wondering about how it would end up, it is a very open circle - but the colours you used are gorgeous! Thanks for linking up, Chrissie xxx

  4. Oh my goodness so much loveliness to look at!! Popping over from Chrissie's CAL. Sarah xo

  5. I just love all the beautiful colours. Your shawl is so pretty!

  6. Such beautiful projects, such colour!

  7. Beautiful crochet, and lovely colourful pictures. Your shawl is just gorgeous, I really love the colours, that simple design really shows them off to perfection