Wednesday, March 26, 2014

And on the second day of Spring....

I picked up my babies and headed to the park...

they walked hand-in-hand in freezing cold water. 

I admired the blue, cloud-filled sky

We sat in the green grass, talking about budding trees and
how good it felt to be in the sunshine

the stream with the moss covered stones and rippling water. 
The gentle breezes blowing.

As we were leaving, I caught a glimpse of my first grandbaby,
the one I held just minutes after she was born.
How can this be that little baby?
How can she be growing up soo fast? 

“It is a very beautiful day. The woman looks around and thinks:
'there cannot ever have been a spring more beautiful than this.
  I did not know until now that clouds could be like this.
 I did not know that the sky is the sea and that clouds
are the souls of happy ships, sunk long ago. 
 I did not know that the wind could be tender,
like hands as they caress - what did I know - until now?”
Unica Zürn


  1. What a beautiful quote! What a lovely way to spend some time on a spring day as well - although that water did look jolly cold!!! xx

    1. How does it not bother kids? We had to literally drag him out kicking and screaming after 15 minutes. He was shivering! Crazy man!