Thursday, January 15, 2015

A January Walk

these January days have been short, foggy, cold and wet and grey!
(We have not seen the sunshine in 5 days.)
More of the same is forecast for the next couple of days,
even a small (which means not at all here) chance of snow

But dull, gray January days have a beauty all their own.

I decided that today was the day to go for it.
 (I didn't have to be at work until 10) 
 To get off the couch and to get back in the habit
of walking and running everyday. 
I almost let the weather stop me. 
The temperature was in the mid 30's. 
It was windy and foggy and misty and just plain miserable! 
I would have much rather have stayed in my pj's
snuggled up on my couch and crocheted!

I got dressed, put on my raincoat, grabbed my ipod and
my headphones and headed out the door before
 I could talk myself out of it

One of my favorite places to walk is the local that weird?  There is never anyone else there of course, who else would ever think it a good idea?
I love the quiet.  No distractions.  A great place to come and think and clear out my mind  To enjoy the peace and solitude.  It was a little spooky at times, not being able to see very far ahead

I am not a graceful runner... 
I don't have the cute outfits, with the perfect ponytail
and the perfect form. 
I am more of an arms flailing,
hair sticking out because it is too short to go into a rubber band
and not a cute running outfit to be found! 

But THIS IS THE YEAR that I will get back on track

maybe I'll even buy one of those cute outfits.


  1. I think that the cemetery in the fog would be a very atmospheric and yet peaceful place to go running or walking! I can see the attraction. I used to walk to the graveyard and church every day a few years ago. I hope that you enjoy getting back into this this year. xx

    1. Thank you, Amy. I am determined to walk at least 4 times a week this year. That's the plan anyway!

  2. hats off to you for getting out in that weather, I am struggling with motivation at this time of year! think maybe i'd run faster in the cemetery though!! :)

    1. Ha!! It really is a good place to walk. All those scary movies I used to watch play in my mind...really helps me pick up the pace!

  3. That is very grey weather, I admire you for going out running in it. Hope you feel better for it!

    1. I always do feel better afterwards. The sun is now shining and the walk looks bright and sunny!

  4. I don't like grey days when they are the norm, but learning to see the beauty in them does help. We live near a cemetery and I love walking through it for the same reasons you've listed here.