Saturday, January 31, 2015

Celebrating January

January started out hard...  For the first time in 26 years,
I wasn't a Mom...well I was..but not as I had always been.
  There were no more children to get up and off to school.  
No more lunches to pack and no more practices, pick-ups,  teenagers in and out, or laundry....oh my gosh the laundry...
it was just us. 
It was a lot harder to adjust to than I had ever thought it would be. 
But as always, life goes on and you do adjust.
  And sometimes you find out that different is just as good.
There was a sunset picnic one afternoon

A day trip to the mountains...
close to home but far enough to feel  like a get-away...

A special birthday for our sweet girl...7! 
and an Elf that wouldn't leave until he could give her present to her...
She was beyond thrilled!!
Frozen mornings...
followed by warm afternoons spent outside...

"Celebrating Snow" at a local museum

All in all, another wonderful month of spending time with those
I love most and enjoying a new chapter of life. 
 And when he came home, he brought plenty of laundry to make me feel special!


  1. It is an adjustment, isn't it? I'm still figuring out how to cook for two properly -- without eating leftovers for days or throwing out spoiled foods at the end of the week. Mine was home for a month over winter holiday and it was so fun. But we enjoyed settling back into our routines when she left. Your grandkids are so cute. And what a joy to see them spread out and playing on one of your beautiful blankets.

  2. Lovely pictures :) I can imagine it's quite an adjustment, I hope you're settling into lovely new routines and habits :) Your grandchildren look so cute and like they're enjoying the blanket!

  3. It looks good. As a mum of two young children, that moment you described above is very hard to imagine. But I know time flies, as they all say. It is nice to connect with mums who are at a different stage in their mothering, and yet still find so much joy and satisfaction. Thanks for sharing your moments!

  4. Quite a change for you. I hope that you will enjoy it. xx

  5. It feels like a long way off for me too but I know the day will come around quickly. I am dreading it. I hear your pain and hope you find a way to make peace with the gaps.