Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Happy Sunday!

I love Sunday afternoons.  The kids have gone home.
 The house is semi-straightened, (as good as it is going to get anyway!)
It is peaceful and  quiet!

He asked if I wanted to get out for a little while. 
Yes, always.
A beautiful blue Spring sky
The mountains were looking an extra shade of lovely green
It was such a pretty day. 
We drove around with no destination in mind.

We followed the sun, talking and singing...
Playing name that song from the 80's channel.
loving the sound of quickly flowing water over the rocks

Must remember it is still Spring, not Summer yet.  The water was freezing!

Amazing dappled sunlight through the trees

Such a quiet and peaceful spot

Spring always feels so clean and fresh and cool and bright and new

A very happy Sunday indeed.

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