Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Vintage Ann Ta-Dah!!

Have you ever had a project that you fell in love with after just one square?
I can honestly say that this is one of those kind of projects.

The first 50 squares

I have loved every second of this blanket.
70 squares

85 squares and 1 photobombing dog...

I love when they are big enough to wrap up in early on a cold winter morning. 
Also loved the fact that I kept up with those pesky ends!
Tara left a comment wanting to know how many ends...I figured there were around 1400!

Used Lucy's join-as-you-go method (as always.)

I used every scrap from my stash. 
Wool, acrylic, bamboo, silk... 
The only yarn I bought for this project was the Charcoal Gray. 

The border...what to do?! 
I Finally decided after a few fails with different colors
that solid grey was what was needed. 

Blocking...so many pins!

and blocking

and more blocking!!
Don't you just love the open-ness of the edging?

Naughty Mr. Norris.  It was still wet, had a hundred pins sticking in it everywhere
and 2 fans blowing on it.  He doesn't seem to mind.

Total color randomness

So soft and drapey and full of all my favorite colors...

170 squares in total, 10 rows for the border,  316 picots to finish it off.

Ta-dah!!  Total blanket happiness!

(The start of this project is Here and a bit of an update here.)

While I was waiting  for the blanket to block and dry,
I found a little bag of hearts left over from Valentines day. 
 Can one room every have too much crochet? 
I don't think so. 

These sweet little hearts are now hanging above my closet. 
I can lay under my wonderful, happy, every color of the rainbow blanket and look up at these...
I am extremely happy, happy!

Now on to the next project!!
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  1. What a gorgeous blanket, I love the colours and the border, and that the majority of it is made from scraps. Beautiful job

  2. OH HOW LOVELY! And especially great that it was a stash buster (or cold sheep project) as well! Great, great job...Aloha, Lori
    (visiting from Frontier Dreams)

  3. It's beautiful what a great project and stash buster!

  4. OH this is just amazing. Well done. The colours are great and the border fatabulous! I look at it and just think of the patience, love and attention which has gone into making it. The edging, the blocking, it's all just great. WELL DONE x x x

  5. Wow! Stunning, beautiful and that border is amazing.

  6. It's wonderful, such happy colours. Looks ever so cosy to snuggle under :)

  7. I love your blanket, so retro! Using your scraps for the coloured centres is a good idea!

  8. Loving this and your furry friends too...inspired to use all my scraps right now and start one, but have promised to finished a wip before i start anything else!!
    bestest wishes to you today
    daisy j xx

  9. Wow... just wow! What a labor of love! I think the border you chose is perfect, too. Airy but still substantial enough to frame the design and really make it feel finished. Did you count how many ends you sewed in? ;-) I can't even imagine.

    1. After I read your comment I went and counted...around 1360 ends!

    2. Whoa! You are a better woman than I!

  10. Beautiful!! Keeping up with the ends is so important isn't it, as it really helps when you get to the end and you are done with no sewing, so my more enjoyable. Hope that you love snuggling under it looking at your hearts! xx

  11. fantastic blanket Robbie, well done for finishing! and blocking!! enjoy the May weekend, Heather x

  12. Wow - beautiful blanket. I really like dark coloured borders which contrast with the other colours. I'm half way through my granny square project - but it's nowhere near as big as yours and it seems to be taking forever! Well done you it looks fab.

    1. Thank you so much. They do seem to drag on sometimes...for me, especially in the middle of make so. many. squares! But the finished blanket is always worth it.

  13. Oh, I love that "join as you go" method.

  14. Gorgeous!! ♥ What a fantastic blanket. Love the hearts, too .-). Oh and the photo with Mr. Norris, too cute!! Thanks for your nice comments on my mandala and blanket, I'm following your lovely blog with Feedly now :-). Greetings & have a nice day!

    1. Thank you! I love stopping by your blog to see all your pretty makes. I really appreciate you lovely comment.