Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mandala Update...

I have been looking for a different walking trail.  I love the one we currently use, but it is really for bikes and I always feel like I am in the way.  Well I found one...straight up....a mountain!  It took about 2 hours to hike halfway up.  There was still a lot of mountain left.  But we were exhausted. 
My goal is to make it all the way to the top by the end of the summer.
This is where we started...already quite a ways up. 
We parked the car and off we went!
I had been talking for about 10 minutes...I had asked him a question that he didn't answer. 
 I looked over at him and this is what I saw.  I had been totally tuned out! 
Oh well, it was nice to just have him with me.

Phew...we are about half way up at this point.
 Time to turned around and try again another day.  Such a perfect blue sky! 
 The mountains in the distance are beginning to turn green. 
I am going to enjoy my new trail.

Mandala Madness has struck here! 
I have been busy discovering new patterns and creating some Easter gifts.
This one is for a friend who after 35 years finds herself on her own for the first time. 
She has bought the cutest little house and my goal is to decorate it in mandalas
and throws and pillows!  Hope she thinks that it is ok!
She spotted this while we were out one day.   
I love the way it throws little circles everywhere.
This was my original plan...but it hides the openness of the mandala
and then I thought about this...to help catch anything that is to small from falling out. 
 But you lose the details of the basket...
But I guess it is really not up to me!  I just hope she likes it.

This was a set of salt and pepper shakers that my mother-in-law had. 
 I think they are probably from the 50's! 
We don't use them, but they are so pretty to look at!

This one is for my daughter.

I love these candles from Wal-Mart. 
They are similar to Bath and Body works, but are about $6.00 cheaper per candle. 
 The label peels off easily so all you see is the pretty colored wax.
They smell really good and have names like
Honeysuckle, Lilac Breeze, Lemon Basil, Clean Cotton.
This one has a total of 13 rounds to it. 
At round 7 I got totally frustrated and decided I was done!
It is not the pattern, it's me. 
 I have it on my to-do list to go back and tray to figure out rounds 8-13.
Mandalas are done (for today anyway) 
I still have 3 more I want to make before Friday to give away to some of the girls at work. 
 Wish me luck!
Here are some little happies that I pulled out as we begin to decorate for Easter.

Salt and pepper shakers...

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny.  Chloe said that I had to buy both so they wouldn't be lonely! 
Seeing them together, she was right of course.
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  1. Hello! I see you've caught the mandala bug too ;-) They look fab - I love the contrasting colours in the one for your daughter. I've made two more mandalas since those k-town spring mandalas which are brighter and more colourful. I'll be framing the rainbow one for my mum,
    Thank you for leaving a lovely comment about my mandalas. x

  2. wow so many lovely mandalas! I really like that circles bowl too

  3. Wow!! You really do have a case of mandalitis fever!!!!!! They all look brilliant though, I love the choices of colours and different designs. I cannot choose a favourite between them as they are all so pretty. I hope that your friend loves them! What a great new home gift. xx

  4. Your mandalas are wonderful! You have caught the bug.

    Your walk looks lovely, hope you can make it to the top one day :)

  5. Beautiful mandalas! At first I thought the salt/pepper shakers looked like Roseville pottery, but I believe instead they are Franciscan pottery. I think they're so pretty!

  6. wow I love seeing all the mandalas together on one page...so pretty,
    bestest daisy j xx

  7. Love those mandalas, would look great as a centre piece on my new table - think I might try one - maybe I'll get mandala madness too!
    Walk looks lovely.

    1. Totally crushin on your new table. What a view you have. Don't think you can make just one....you cant!! :)

  8. I love your mandalas. Great idea to put one in that beautiful openwork bowl.

  9. They are all so pretty. Looks like Mandala Madness has really hit Blogland (I seemed to be immune for a while - but now that I have caught it looks like there is no cure)!

  10. Such pretty mandalas, you really do have an eye for colour, they're beautiful x