Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April!

Last weekend I was sick.  Bronchitis and Laryingitis(?) 
Quite a few naps, homemade chicken noodle soup,
ice cream...new favorite, Red Velvet Cake! MMMM! SO.GOOD.!
and Lots of crochet!

My Spring Flower Garland that now hangs above my living room windows...

Need to add a few more to reach all the way across the window.
But for right now I am happy with it

There is nothing that makes my husband madder than seeing this:
huge amounts of starch, 80 pins all stuck in our mattress. 

But he can't stay mad too long...
Lucy's Heart Wreath from Simply Crochet, Issue 15. 
Such an easy project!  I can see lots of these being made.
I think it took about 4 hours, start to finish. 
That even includes the tedious task of sewing every single button on. 
Mandala Stool Cover...
When I googled crochet stool mandala, this cute pattern from Petra 
immediately caught my eye! I changed a few things...Of course I am totally in love
with the puff stitch right now.  So I used that for my center...
I didn't need nearly as many rounds for my stool
I added a "fringey" border...chain 7, ss into next space
I love this little stool even more now.
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 And this is just because...It looked like the tree was on fire from the setting sun. 
Within 2 minutes the clouds had come out and it was gone. 
Love that I was able to capture this...


  1. What a wonderful stool cover. Pops right out and says "Hallo". Currently have a love affair with Mandelas and I think I will have to try that one as well.

    Also really love the flower bunting over your window. Makes everything cheery. Wonderful work.

    Glad you are feeling better. It is never fun to be under the weather.

  2. I love your flower bunting and wreath!! You did a great job on both of them. That tree is amazing, it really does look as though there is a fire going on, you captured it at just the right moment!! xx

  3. I love your flower bunting and the wreath :). I must learn to crochet, one day I will.....

  4. Lovely work, especially your happy wreath. I got that copy of the magazine too, thank you for reminding me of the pattern, I feel rather inspired to make it over the Easter holidays!

  5. Such a happy wreath - what a nice way for a visitor to be greeted! The pic of the trees were amazing! When my eyes first spotted it, I thought, wow, I've never seen a fire like that! Great great pic!